I'm Amie Mariana, a Canadian-Guatemalan twenty-something, spontaneous idealist, daydreamer + creative, and devote mama bear to my son, Orson Wilder. Life over the past several years has been a mish-mash of start ups + social enterprises, ethical fashion, non-profits, NGO's, writing (professionally & for fun), and innovating...all while wandering the world for business & pleasure. 

I love all & serve all (Jesus is my homeboy and Mother Teresa is my homegirl). I'm not a big fan of religion, routine, being neat, cleaning, grammar, gluten, or writing in capital letters...but I know each can serve a purpose from time to time. I have a much longer list of "likes" in life and can't wait for you to read about all of them! This blog serves as a peek into my everyday life as a #mompreneur living by the wanderlust of life. Most of my posts are written by me but my wonderful hubby Matt may contribute along the way.

You can expect to find everything from lifestyle posts, family inspo, mom stories + tips, creative inspo, health + wellness ideas, and of course personal posts in the form of an online diary. I will be sharing about my personal adoption story, pcos journey, entrepreneur life, phsyical & mental health journey etc. All those messy, raw, and real topics!  I love sharing my local musings, and everyday snapshots  + highlights of my life from the back of my mind and the front of my camera lens. 

xo,  Amie Mariana



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