Hello, my name is Amie Mariana Eckhardt-Sider.

 A Canadian-Guatemalan twenty-something, spontaneous idealist, daydreamer + creative, and devote mama bear to my son, Orson Wilder. I'm a perfectly imperfect mama, wife, and woman. Learning to put aside the facade of perfection and living as messy, raw, and real as possible. I want to live well, do good in the world, and create authentic communities of belonging wherever I go. 

My professional past has been a mish-mash of start ups + social enterprises, ethical fashion, non-profits, NGO's, and writing (professionally & for fun), all while wandering the world for business & pleasure. 

You can currently find me helping and loving on those seeking wellness and freedom (physically & financially) through plant powered wellness essentials here. I love all & serve all (Jesus is my homeboy and Mother Teresa is my homegirl). I'm not a big fan of organized religion, routine, being neat, cleaning, grammar, gluten, or writing in capital letters...but I know each can serve a purpose from time to time. I have a much longer list of "likes" or "loves" in life and can't wait for you to read about all of them!

This blog serves as a peek into my everyday life as a #mompreneur living by the wanderlust of life. Most of my posts are written by me but my wonderful husband & life partner Matt may contribute along the way.

Here you'll find everything that encapsulates our life from our parenting wins & fails, to fun lifestyle posts, date nights and peeks at my crafting & documenting. I also get messy, raw, and real while sharing my personal adoption story, battle with PCOS, depression & anxiety, and other daily obstacles. I hope to you bring you a lot of laughs, maybe the occasional cry, but most importantly - inspire you (along with myself) to simply live well.

Thanks for reading! I love sharing my local musings, and everyday snapshots  + highlights of my life from the back of my mind and the front of my camera lens. Let's live well and do good together! 

xo,  Amie Mariana