My Frist Trimester :: Weeks 1-12

Weight: Zero weight gain (down about 5 lbs) due to morning sickness aka. all day sickness. 

Stretch Marks: Not yet! Being proactive with the cocoa butter in order to avoid them as much as possible in future months.

Maternity Clothes: Purchased a "belly band" that holds any pair of your favourite regular jeans together for as long as possible. Great investment piece since the first trimester doesn't hold much visible change but definitely holds bloat! The initial bloating made me anxious and paranoid that I was going to hurt the baby by squeezing into some former tighter clothes so I opted for comfort with the belly band instead. Oh, I also caved and got a few pairs of maternity leggings in the coziest fabrics. They feel like heaven. 

Symptoms: Morning sickness aka. all day sickness (to the point of needing a prescription to control)  + overwhelming fatigue, and gagging my way through every second of every day and more frequent trips to the bathroom. In a nutshell, i'm more than happy to leave the first trimester behind. 

Sleep: I feel like a teenager again. I could achieve the most epic sleep-ins if only I didn't have a job that required me to be up at 6am for 5 days of the week. Can't sleep through an entire night without using the washroom a few times.  I avoid napping after work as much as possible since nap-time turns into sleep time that is almost impossible to awake from. 

Best Moments: Finding out Matt and I were expecting our little miracle baby. Will share more on this in another post. For those who do not know yet, at this time last year we were told that it was highly unlikely that we could conceive on our own due to my PCOS diagnosis. No matter how much I strongly dislike any unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, i do my best to consider each one a blessing. 

Worst Moments: Violent morning sickness that seemed to occur only on mornings when I had to work. Violent morning sickness that lasted throughout the day was also tough to get through. My workplace has video surveillance around our building so i'm pretty sure there is some amazing footage of me yaking up a storm in front, behind, and beside of my vehicle in the morning or after lunch break... or anytime of day really...oh the miracle of life! 

Missing: I can honestly say that I miss nothing. I didn't smoke, drink alcohol, or consume copious amounts of caffeine prior to pregnancy so this area was an easy transition. 

Movement: Not yet, it's apparently happening inside of me but I can't feel it yet. 

Making Me Sick: Hearing people burp/belch, anyone farting (gross I know, but it actually angers me inside if I hear or smell anything from anyone...including the dog). I also can't stand the smell or thought of Ketchup or tomato based products. Meat in many forms, definitely can't touch, cook, or go near raw meats without losing my mind (or lunch). Sickness in general is something i've fought significantly. Most of my first trimester involved a horrible case of bronchitis and on and off ear infections etc. Since it's too early for antibiotics i'm holding out for the second trimester to take all I can take to battle this so it doesn't go into a deeper chest infection. I've missed about 3-5 days of work in the first trimester due to sickness, but I can't feel bad because baby's health is #1. 

Gender: No clue. Most people are guessing it's a boy. I plan to find out the gender in the next trimester.

Labor Signs: Thankfully no. 

Popped Belly Button: Nope. Really not looking forward to that (and it grosses Matt out). 

Wedding Rings On or Off: On, but mostly off since I've just been in the habit of not wearing them due to the nature of my job. 

Mood(s): All over the place. Up and down like a roller-coaster. Poor Matt. I admit, i'm difficult. 

Looking Forward to: 2nd trimester & finding out baby's gender...and less vomiting (please God let there be less vomiting).