My Second Trimester :: Weeks 13-27




Weight Gain: Yep! 

Stretch Marks: Unfortunately yes, but thankfully they are small and cutely positioned (Matt says it just looks like Whiskey or a baby tiger clawed me a little bit). 

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Couldn't live without them. I'm guilty of wearing a lot of regular sized plaid lumberjack style button down shirts and pairing them with maternity tank tops. On super lazy or emotional days my favourite second trimester fashion crime is stealing Matt's sweaters or hoodies and somehow getting away with wearing them to work. 

Symptoms: Heartburn, back aches & pains, food cravings, fatigue, mood swings galore (sorry Matt), and many trips to the bathroom at night. 

Sleep: A full night's sleep is a thing of the past. I have to put myself to bed between 8 and 9pm if i'm going to be awake at 630am to get ready for work. I can't seem to nap anymore either.

Best Moments: Finding out we are having a little boy!! Finally feeling baby's first kicks and then eventually getting big enough to see baby's first kicks. I was with my mom at a midwife appointment when I saw baby move for the first time. It was so special to share that moment with my momma! 

Worst Moments: My family physician & midwife recommended an early sick leave from work due to several medical conditions increasing my position within the "high risk" category. Last day of work was February 26th, 2016. My first week home my body completely shut down and I contracted pneumonia...again! 

Missing: A big 'ole glass of Sangria. I rarely drink anything alcoholic even when i'm not pregnant but man...i'd kill for a Sangria...and a beach. Would really like to be on a beach right about now.

Movement: Yes...our little man is what our midwives like to call "a jumping bean" he's always moving and kicking around. Most women at this stage try and count 10 kicks in 2 hours. I usually achieve my 10 kicks in about 2 minutes. 

Making Me Sick: Still sensitive to smells and some tastes. 

Gender: BOY!! 

Labor Signs: Just very light Braxton Hicks contractions for now. 

Popped Belly Button: Nope, still normal. 

Wedding Rings On or Off: They are off...yes, I have little sausage fingers already.

Mood(s): A little bit of everything all rolled into one.  

Looking Forward to: A quick third trimester (if that exists). Big milestones ahead like renting our condo, moving into our first home, baby shower, time with family, and soaking up every last minute of time with Matt (and Whiskey too of course).