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My Third Trimester :: Week 28-40

My Third Trimester :: Week 28-40


Weight Gain: Weight gain and bloating...just over here trying not to feel chubby! 

Stretch Marks: Yes, I have earned my battle scars. 

Maternity Clothes: Maternity clothes and Matt's comfy clothes. Whatever feels best in the moment.

Symptoms: Back pain, swelling, heartburn, headaches, cramping, frequent washroom trips, and of course Braxton Hicks contractions. 

Sleep: On and off. Some nights I have insomnia and some nights I am thankful to sleep sound. 

Best Moments: My beautiful baby shower, going to an ultrasound appointment with my dad, and moving to an amazing new home! 

Worst Moments: Settling and unpacking from the move. Not having enough energy to get things done. 

Missing: I don't really miss much from pre-pregnancy at this point because I feel like i've been pregnant forever! 

Movement: Our little boy loves to hiccup. I can usually rely on feeling him do this at least 3-4 times a day along with his regular movements. He's quite the character already!! 

Making Me Sick: Nothing really. 

Gender: Still a boy!  

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks and cramping galore. We've had a few close calls but he's not quite ready to come out. Due date is still May 26th but I will be induced on the 19th depending on his growth patterns. Last Monday baby was 5lbs and 10oz on the ultrasound. 

Popped Belly Button: Still normal! 

Wedding Rings On or Off: Still off. 

Mood(s): Changes frequently. I just want to nest and be with Matt and Whiskey (the dog not the drink) as much as possible. I'm very protective of my home, my baby + husband, my routine, and anything else. Mama bear mode has commenced. 

Looking Forward to: BIRTH! Glorious glorious birth! 

I really like you!

I really like you!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day