For the month of March I've decided to indulge my creative side and participate in a listing/listography challenge. I've always been a lister... even before it was cool to list stuff!! I'm definitely not a type-A personality in the organization realm, but there's something therapeutic to me about CREATING anything - so that's why I love lists! Words + art + self expression...sign me up! 

I also must add that I am a weirdo in the sense that I get overly protective of anything I create, because my paper crafts or lists are super personal to me. I'm going to get over myself for this month and simply share and hopefully you'll be inspired to do the same. This challenge was meant to be done daily, but I don't always find time to keep up with a daily list. #aintnobodygottimefodat So I usually jot something down on my phone and later transfer it to paper. I also happen to despise my printing. Even my husband has nicer printing than me. Thankfully I'm also getting over that too. Po-body's nerfect. 

I will slowly share the cards for each day and elaborate on each list. You'll catch my drift. I haven't taken photos of each day yet (my camera roll is full) so I'll need a day or so to get caught up. Enjoy!