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DIY Oil Cleansing Recipes

DIY Oil Cleansing Recipes

Time to get oily! I explained why I use this incredible facial serum (in the above photo) for my oil-cleansing method  here. 

It's a total game-changer in my skincare routine for my hormonal, oily, PCOS skin that used to be plagued by painful cystic acne.

If you're reading this, you've probably tried everything imaginable, you're desperate, and willing to try anything (just like I was). Look no further, I seriously can't wait to hear about or see your results from these recipes!

 Please tag me @amiemariana on any social media, or comment below with your success! Good luck! 

If you use the same high quality ingredients as me, I know you'll have results within just a few days. Please give yourself a day or two to detox from your current routine. These oil cleansing recipes will not work if you are not consistent! It's only once a day in the evening. Easy peasy! 

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Recipe #1 : for PCOS/Hormonal/Cystic Acne


+ Ingredients: 

Grapefruit Essential Oil - I use grapefruit because it is cleansing, protecting, flushing, and uplifting. It is also known to support the skin and lymphatic system. This is a citrus oil - which makes it photosensitive, and can provide skin reactions with prolonged sun/UV exposure etc. That is why we use this oil only at night. 

Bergamot Essential Oil - I use bergamot because it is both calming and cleansing. It is also known to support skin, immunity, emotions, and hormones. This is a citrus oil - which makes it photosensitive, and can provide skin reactions with prolonged sun/UV exposure etc. That is why we use this oil only at night.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - I use ylang ylang because it is calming, balancing, soothing, uplifting, and helps to balance male-female energies. It is also known to support hormones, energy, emotions, intestines, and skin. 

Jojoba Carrier Oil - I use jojoba oil because it absorbs into the skin for maximum antioxidant + anti-inflammatory benefits. Nutrient dense antioxidants heal + restore blemishes and other skin irritations, giving it a radiant and energetic look.  

Grapeseed Oil - I use grapeseed oil because it contains numerous essential fatty acids, it is light with mild astringent and emollient properties. It is great at combatting dryness and irritation. It's perfect for acne because it doesn't clog pores. It is also skin tightening and anti-aging. Great for everyone! 

+ Recipe

This part is super customizable based on your skin's needs. You can also customize the quantity of essential oils and carrier oils based on the size of your glass bottle. Since oils are sensitive to sunlight, you'll want to store them in a dark glass bottle.

 I like to use a 1 oz bottle (as seen in the photo). It's the perfect size for home use or travel. I buy the bottles in bulk to make different oil cleansing recipes for myself and those bottles look like this

When mixing the oils, I typically stick to this formula (give or take a few drops).  

10 - 20 drops grapefruit 

10 - 15 drops bergamot 

10 - 15 drops ylang ylang 

You can increase or decrease based on your skins current condition. Add the essential oils to the empty glass bottle first, and then top with carrier oils. You can use just jojoba, or just grapeseed, or mix of both! 

+ Directions: 

If you commit to using this for the next 2-4 weeks, it will replace your makeup remover, cleanser/wash, toner, & moisturizer! 

Step One: Massage a quarter size amount into your skin before bed. I do this with full makeup still on.

Step Two: Place a warm damp microfibre cloth over your face, take 3 deep inhalations for added benefits + relaxation.  

Step Three: Gently swipe your face with the cloth to remove makeup + dirt + oil. 

Once your face has been throughly wiped, you can add an additional drop of oil onto your fresh face, blend in, and let it settle into the skin overnight for added moisture. This is great if you have a lot of active painful acne that needs additional healing support while you sleep. 

+ Bonus: microfibre cloth

For added results, use every night before bed with warm water and a microfiber cloth. These cloths will pull out all oil better than anything else and leave your skin feeling clean without being stripped.

I suggest a dark coloured cloth since you'll be removing your makeup with it.I like  to buy a six pack of cloths (like the ones listed to the right), that way I can use a clean one every night - and then just toss them in the laundry after use. The cleaner you keep the cloth, the better. Wash it nightly if possible.

If you don't have a microfibre cloth, an ordinary cotton washcloth should do, just make sure to be very diligent in removing all oils.


Recipe #2: for Regular Skin, Aging Skin, Healthy Skin, Occasional Breakouts 

Don't have PCOS or oily skin but still want to try a facial serum for basic acne, anti-aging etc? Try these oils with jojoba oil for incredible results at any age or stage in life.

If you'd like to up your skincare game in general, you can also use just Frankincense & Lavender during the daytime by itself, or underneath your makeup as a natural primer. 

+ Ingredients: 

Frankincense Essential Oil - I use frankincense because it is cleansing, protecting, calming, regenerative, and supports emotions. It is incredible at supporting tissues and the nervous system. 

Lavender Essential Oil - I use lavender because it is cleansing, restoring, calming, soothing, and regenerative. It supports skin, tissue, and many other bodily systems. 

Lemon Essential Oil - I use lemon because it is cleansing, flushing, calming, uplifting, and clarifying. It supports skin, circulation, digestion, and emotion! It is also photosensitive and should only be used on skin at night or not in sunlight. Lemon is also amazing at evening skin tone. It is a natural skin lightener for dark spots. 

Jojoba Carrier Oil - I use jojoba oil because it absorbs into the skin for maximum antioxidant + anti-inflammatory benefits. Nutrient dense antioxidants heal + restore blemishes and other skin irritations, giving it a radiant and energetic look. 

+ Recipe  

10 - 15 drops of each oil or adjust as needed. Add essential oils first, then top it off with jojoba oil. Store in 1oz Amber dropper  bottle. 

+ Instructions

Please follow the same directions/instructions listed in recipe #1.  


Recipe # 3 : for the Oil Pulling Pros / anyone with naturally amazing skin  

Geranium Essential Oil - use geranium because it is cleansing, stimulating, protecting, revitalizing, uplifting, and regenerative. It is known to support skin, tissue, nervous & endocrine systems. 

Elemi Essential Oil - use elemi because it is cleansing, protecting, and soothing. It is known to support skin and endocrine systems.

 + Recipe 

10 drops of each oil or adjust as needed. Add essential oils first, then top it off with jojoba oil. Store in 1oz Amber dropperbottle

+ Instructions 

Please follow the same directions/instructions as listed in recipe #1. 

Bonus: Detox + Spot Treatment

I detox my whole face and neck once or twice a month using this clay mask.  

 I also like to spot treat any cystic or regular breakouts with these oils in between oil pulling sessions. Any essential oils already listed in the above recipes can also be used for spot treatments. Frankincense is my personal favourite.

Spot Treatment Oils

Tea Tree Essential Oil  

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Purification Blend of Essential Oils

Gentle Baby Blend of Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil  

Lemongrass Essential Oil  

German Chamomile Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil  

Clary Sage Essential Oil  


This facial serum has helped my skin immensely in a short period of time! Being pregnant and having a number a hormonal changes in my body, my achne was out of control. I went off of all of my other store bought creams and scrubs and within 3 days noticed amazing results and it smells great! Thanks so much Amie for introducing me to this!
— Stephanie
Thanks for the serum! I like using it a lot and have enjoyed the process of slowing down and revamping my evening routine. It’s been a nice tone-setter and part of my great mindfulness practice. I find when I commit to using it every day there are noticable changes in my skin... and it feels refreshing too. I have had a lot of positive feedback from friends (even strangers!), which is certainly out of the norm for me! I think the most important piece for me is being consistent and dedicated to using it every day to fully reap the benefits. Overall, I am happy with the product and think it will be especially helpful with rejuvenation in the winter. I have already recommended it to friends! Thanks again, Amie.
— Kim
What a wonderful few weeks it has been using this serum!!! I have seen a drastic change in the oil levels of my skin. Feeling super balanced, no more super oil, or dry and flaky. I have tried so much in the last few months, but I am very very excited about this
— Jillian

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