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Welcome to "Curate Wellness" my special little corner of the world. I created this space to share my ongoing quest for whole-life wellness with you. As an adopted child, I've been searching for meaning & purpose in everything I do for as long as I can remember. This space is my journey, and also my personal accountability. 

Sharing life and adding value to the lives of others is what makes me tick. It puts a smile on my face and reminds me that life is most beautiful when shared.

Thank you for joining me in this journey. Let's do this together!I truly believe that we are the curators of our own wellness, and it's much more fun to curate and cultivate as a community! 

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November Listography

November Listography


Here I am again, back to listing. This month, I'm consciously deciding to give myself a daily prompt + list to complete and enjoy. I'm not an organized or type-A person by any means, but I love listing purely for the creative process, and to see goals or cool things in my life written out + accomplished.

These prompts are from incomplete listing attempts way back in May...and then July I think? - I still have an unfinished one for September too...eek! I typically like to complete these on paper and have something tactile, but for time saving purposes, and to keep myself accountable - i'm simply going to do this electronically.

Hope you have fun peeking into my listing world. Please feel free to play along and make your own lists. I would love to see them! Tag me @amiemariana on all social media. 


Day 1 // I know How to make...

  • a really good cup of tea in my SIC Cup 
  • people smile 
  • the most of out a bad situation 
  • friends 
  • special memories with my family
  • cute kids 
  • Matt and Orson belly laugh 
  • decent food...I think? 
  • any day fun 

Day 2 // Projects I want to start this month

  • Use my Polaroid camera (still haven't done this yet)
  • Video document more 
  • Catch up on Orson's Project Life aka. baby book 
  • Daily meditation 
  • Minimize and purge "stuff" 
  • Write my 12 Dates of Christmas list/plan
  • Decorate blank kitchen wall 
  • Kitchen re-organization 
  • Decorate for holidays 

Day 3 // i am saving money for... 

  • future investments + retirement (duh) 
  • giving to our favourite charities (yay)
  • travel (back to Guatemala  + Caribbean vacation in 2018). 
  • a future tiny home (locally) 
  • home in Guatemala 
  • any and all things essential oil related...i have an addiction folks
  • a good camera + video camera 

Day 4 // I will always fight for 

  • human rights & equality
  • my family 
  • animal rights 
  • those who need fighting for 
  • tacos vs. burritos
  • the remote 

Day 5 // ways to make a normal day special 

  • day date with Orson (get dressed up and go on a fun outing together) 
  • invite friends over for a playdate 
  • buy fresh flowers 
  • scrap regular dinner plans and make my favourite meal or order take out 
  • watch a movie or go to the theatre (we usually only do movies on weekends) 
  • enjoy yummy ice cold or super hot drinks out of cute cups like SIC cups  (and i'm also hooking you up with 15% off with code IHELPMOMS

This is an ihelpmoms.com approved blog. 

Day 6 // Favourite Day trips 

  • Toronto...literally anywhere (especially Kensington Market - and churros are a must) 
  • Elora Gorge Shops + Hiking Trails  
  • Grand Bend Beach 
  • Collingwood + Blue Mountain Village
  • St. Jacobs Market + Village

Day 7 // I could be President of the _____ Club. 

  • Messy Hamster Club (Matt calls me a hamster because apparently I leave little piles of mess everywhere I go. He's a type - A neat freak and i'm a go with the flow creative, and creatives get a little messy). We balance each other out. If you're anything like me...marry someone who is the direct opposite in this area. #winning 
  • Overthinkers & Perfectionist Club - this is my biggest pitfall in life and in my business, and even this blog. Fighting daily to overcome this.
  • Millennial Moms Club - I'm totally not ashamed to admit it. I'm a millennial mom, but in all the right ways. I raise my child with the help of WebMD, Facebook, and Instagram, and every bookmarked mommy group and forum. It takes a village physically and electronically! 
  • Half Finished Craft Projects - My unfinished Project Life books make me sad, but one day I will finish them, Right now this mama has some other pressing needs to attend to. I even committed to this listing thing and struggle to keep up with it. Another lesson i'm learning is "done is better than perfect". This is honestly easier said than done for me, but it's worth giving a shot.  

Day 8 // Things I need to get rid of... 

  • perfectionism
  • self-doubt & criticism
  • worry/fear
  • excuses 
  • stuff I don't use anymore...literally...stuff. working towards practical minimalism.

Day 9 // Projects I want to finish this month 



  • achieve Executive Team Leader for Curate Wellness (my biz) 
  • closet clean-out
  • put up Christmas tree + decorations
  • develop photos 
  • daily journaling 
  • listography (aka this monthly listing) 

Day 10 // Ways to stay accountable 



  • Matt aka. telling my best friend
  • sharing with my closest mentors and friends 
  • write down goals + track progress (make a plan) 
  • ask for help if needed
  • gratitude journal + postive mindset
  • blog it 
  • daily reminders (alarms, sticky notes, photos) 
  • tweak said plan if necessary
  • reward myself for achieving goal

Day 11 // My top love languages are...

  • words of affirmation 
  • quality time
  • touch 

Day 12 // Signs it's time for a fresh start



*disclaimer, this doesn't have to do with relationships...this is all mainly related to projects, work, food, life things etc. If it's someone I love, I always fight for them.*

  • when i'm stuck 
  • when what was working isn't working anymore
  • when i feel a continual cycle of depression or discouragement 
  • when i am mentally + physically drained 
  • when something no longer brings me joy

Day 13 // I know the seasons are changing (to winter) when 



  • it gets darker outside 
  • it gets darker in my head aka. fighting seasonal depression 
  • it's too cold for me to enjoy the outdoors 
  • i'm tired earlier
  • we have to put away the BBQ

Day 14 // Current TV Shows 


I'm in a season where nothing really satisfies me in the TV realm. If I watch something lately, it's usually one of these shows...

  • This is Us 
  • Friends  
  • Masterchef or any Gordon Ramsey show 
  • The Amazing Race  

Day 15 // Favourite creative outlets 

  • photography (iphoneography only for me at this point)
  • journaling 
  • daily planner 
  • project life 
  • listography 
  • blogging 

Day 16 // Where I will be traveling next 

  • Guatemala (hopefully in 2018 with Matt and Orson) 
  • Utah with Matt & Orson (spring 2018)
  • Somewhere in the Caribbean? 2018? 

Day 17 // When I need a break 

  • drink sparkling water with ningxia
  • make tea 
  • nap when the baby/toddler naps
  • kit kat ? 

Day 18 // The last few things I bought

  • oils (the essential ones)
  • supplements
  • groceries 
  • clothes for Orson (this always comes before our own #momlife) 

Day 19 //  habits to form 

  • gratitude journal 
  • daily prayer + meditation + grounding 
  • positive affirmations 
  • daily showering (don't judge)
  • daily goal setting 
  • daily workout of some form
  • daily post on social media  

Day 20 // Habits to break

  • negative beliefs + self talk
  • emotional eating 
  • nail biting 
  • worry 

Day 21 // things i collect

  • water bottles 
  • photos / memories
  • fancy pens 
  • journals
  • oils
  • tea
  • sparkling beverages
  • supplements
  • makeup
  • comfy pants 
  • scrapbook stuff 

Day 22 //  Favourite musial genres 

  • 90's grunge 
  • Alt Rock (mainly 90's stuff, I friggin' love anything from the 90's) 
  • Indie Folk 
  • Synth Pop 
  • Reggaton 
  • Hip Hop 

Day 23 // Favourite Musicals (Theatre)

  • Les Misérables
  • The Book of Mormon

day 24 // Books to read 

  • I don't read books...i'm more of a podcast or audiobooks kinda gal 
  • goal for 2018 is to read before bed instead of screens (from a physical book...or magazine). 

day 25 // fitness goals

  • continue to increase energy
  • detox and repair gut + digestive system
  • increase strength
  • weight loss (safe and sustainable)
  • eat real food

day 26 // favourite social media platforms  

  • instagram
  • facebook 
  • youtube
  • pinterest
  • snapchat
  • twitter

day 27 // typical breakfasts

  • smoothies 
  • yogurt and granola 
  • some form of eggs 
  • pancakes 

day 28 //  self care strategies 

  • talk it out 
  • focused breathing
  • alone time or reset time 
  • detox bath
  • podcasts
  • prayer & meditation

Day 29 // I would like to learn 



  • 100% fluent Spanish 
  • aromatherapy (certification) + aroma freedom therapy (certification) 
  • to use my DSLR
  • to french braid my hair
  • all the things...?

Day 30 // today I am...

  • counting my blessings 
  • full of gratitude and thanksgiving
  • passionate about the future
  • seeking peace and joy 
  • living my dream
  • An Executive Team Leader with YLEO! #achievingthosegoals


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