30 Days of Lists - November (Day 1 - 5)

Here I am again, back to listing. I've let "busy" get the best of me lately, so this is my attempt to remedy that immediately. This month, I'm consciously deciding to give myself a daily prompt and  "list" to complete and enjoy. I'm not an organized person by any means, but I love listing for the creative process, and to see goals or cool things in my life written out.

These prompts are actually way back from my incomplete listing attempt way back in May...and then July I think? - I still have an unfinished one for September too (eeek, my bad). I typically like to complete these on paper and have something tactile, but for time saving purposes, and to keep myself accountable - i'm simply going to do this electronically.

Hope you have fun peeking into my listing world. Please feel free to play along and make your own lists. I would love to see them! Tag me @amiemariana on all social media. 


Day 1 // I know How to make...

  • a really good cup of tea in my SIC Cup 
  • people smile 
  • the most of out a bad situation 
  • friends 
  • special memories with my family
  • cute kids 
  • Matt and Orson belly laugh 
  • decent food...I think? 
  • any day fun 

Day 2 // Projects I want to start this month

  • Use my Polaroid camera (still haven't done this yet)
  • Video document more 
  • Catch up on Orson's Project Life aka. baby book 
  • Daily meditation 
  • Minimize and purge "stuff" 
  • Write my 12 Dates of Christmas list/plan
  • Decorate blank kitchen wall 
  • Kitchen re-organization 
  • Decorate for holidays 

Day 3 // i am saving money for... 

  • future investments + retirement (duh) 
  • giving to our favourite charities (yay)
  • travel (back to Guatemala  + Caribbean vacation in 2018). 
  • a future tiny home (locally) 
  • home in Guatemala 
  • any and all things essential oil related...i have an addiction folks
  • a good camera + video camera 

Day 4 // I will always fight for 

  • human rights & equality
  • my family 
  • animal rights 
  • those who need fighting for 
  • tacos vs. burritos
  • the remote 

Day 5 // ways to make a normal day special 

  • day date with Orson (get dressed up and go on a fun outing together) 
  • invite friends over for a playdate 
  • buy fresh flowers 
  • scrap regular dinner plans and make my favourite meal or order take out 
  • watch a movie or go to the theatre (we usually only do movies on weekends) 
  • enjoy yummy ice cold or super hot drinks out of cute cups like SIC cups  (and i'm hooking you up with 15% off with code IHELPMOMS

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