If you want to change the world.

Lately I've been battling the dreaded momlife identity crisis. The one where I'm stuck between this new mom life thing (that I have come to love so deeply), and going back into the work force, and feeling torn inside because I can't figure out why I feel like one more than the other somehow makes me a contributing member of society.  

While watching America's election results last night in absolute shock and horror, I was surprised that my mind was somehow able to find a personal silver lining and an answer to my internal debate. Naturally, I had to share it with the interwebs. I'm officially adopting this quote as my personal mantra moving forward as a modern mama. 

"If you want to change the world, go home and love your family." - Mother Teresa

I hugged my son Orson extra tight numerous times last night and was blessed by every kiss, giggle, and smile. Watching him sleep gave me the peace and hope that I needed after such a depressing demonstration of democracy.

As I stroked his hair I couldn't help but be reminded that we chose the name Orson because it means bear cub. It's origins are both Latin & English which highlights the cultural union within our marriage. Most importantly, the bear serves as a spirit animal as it represents grounding forces and true strength. The bear is also known to stand against adversity, taking action and leadership without fear. 

That is my job...to raise this baby bear into a fearless and courageous leader that stands against adversity and oppression. To teach him love and genuine acceptance over hate and mere tolerance. Orson is a minority but I am not blind knowing that his partial 'whiteness' and socio-economic status will still bring him great privilege within our Canadian society...

I want to raise my son to celebrate and embrace our planet and humankind. I am 100% okay knowing that my most important job as a mother is raising my son to love women, people of colour, LGBTQ folks, people with disabilities, Latinx, Muslim and any other body of marginalized people anywhere on this planet!

Fear of the 'other' has never been more apparent than it is today. As a minority female still in her 20s in one of the safest and most privileged nations (globally speaking) I have experienced racism, sexism, and even sexual assault on multiple accounts. Instead of being overwhelmed, I am honoured to breathe love into my baby bear in order to have it permeate his innermost being so that he can turn around and fearlessly share love, stand with the oppressed and stand up against hate and injustice when the time comes...and it certainly will.