Review: Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit

Orson Wilder is 5 months old this week and that is un-freaking-believable to me in so many ways! Reality started to sink in the other day when I realized that he is advanced in so many areas for his age except one...SLEEP! That's huge considering sleep is such a crucial part of a little one's development! Most babies his age are still sleeping 15+ hours in a 24 time frame and I'm over here super thankful if he successfully completes 8 or 10 hours. He straight up doesn't like sleep.  We've tried everything from car rides to co-sleeping and nothing really sticks! Naturally I became a little desperate, especially since independent crib sleeping would be ideal for him at this stage. After some wonderful internet perusing I stumbled upon this Michelin-man-type outfit called Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit and my life was changed forever! 

This funny looking sleep suit helps babies transition from swaddle to regular pj life. It is designed for babies who back sleep (also the safest sleep position to prevent SIDS) to help settle those startle reflexes that babies are born with. He stopped bassinet sleeping around the first week in September (around 4 months) since his little arms and legs were getting so long that when he stretched he would hit the side of the bassinet and that woke him up instantly. Now that he's in his crib he's a little fish in a big pond once again. With the magic sleepsuit he is super warm and cozy (I purchased the fleece edition for added warmth, and it won't shrink like the cotton ones). The inner layer is cotton against skin, but the outer layer is fleece. I actually went as far as praying for this magical suit before it arrived at our home that it would bring Orson and I some much needed sleep. Moments after it was delivered to our doorstep I unwrapped it, popped him in it and he was asleep within 4 minutes. 4 minutes from wide awake to droopy eyelid magical sleep land! GREAT SUCCESS! I tiptoed up the stairs with my sleeping little bear in my arms and gently placed him alone in his crib slightly expecting him to scream and wake but instead he stayed sleeping...for one whole hour! Mind = blown. 

The first night was more of the same success. Many testimonials say that baby typically slept 8 hours straight on the first night and onward. I knew that was too good to be true for my little guy so I didn't expect much. I'm happy to report that he slept for 8 hours total. Now this was in segments (1 chunk of 4 hours, up for a feeding and then back down for another 4). Once he woke from the final 4 hours in his crib he just wanted mama so I left him in the suit, and brought him into our bed where he slept another 2 until I was ready to get up. That's 10 whole hours baby! 10! 

So it looks like i'm another crazy mommy believer in the Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit. I would highly recommend this to anyone having difficulty with sleep (for your baby of course). The bad news it that I purchased 2 in my order and can only make use of one because of Orson's size. I have one in size small that is currently up for grabs/sale. It is for 3-6 months or 12-18lbs. It's yellow fleece on the outside and regular cotton inside. Orson is too long for it right now so I have him in the size large made for 6-9 months or 18-21 lbs. It is not a cheap product once you add currency conversion + shipping and handling and I also had to pay extra customs on delivery. Both suits cost me a total of $150.00 CDN. 

I've included a photo below of Orson in his suit looking all puffy, happy, and sleepy. He's usually asleep within 10 minutes or less after putting the suit on. Goodnight everyone!!