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As an adopted child, I've been searching for authenticity, meaning & purpose in everything I do... for as long as I can remember. This is my journey, and my accountability. 

Sharing life and adding value to the lives of others is what makes me tick. It puts a smile on my face and reminds me that life is most beautiful when shared.

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Mama's Gone Plant Based (On a Budget)

Mama's Gone Plant Based (On a Budget)

Let's start this post by immediately getting over the stigma of self-improvement, healthy living, veganism, or eating under a microscope. This is not to toot my own horn or make you feel like a terrible person. It is simply about sharing my journey, trying new things, and adopting a new way of thinking.

I, like everyone else, felt instantly convicted and concerned while watching the documentary called, "What the Health". Now just to clarify, my conviction wasn't solely animal based. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge animal lover, but I love myself and my family even more. I certainly want to save all the animals, but above all, I want my precious little family to function at our very best. I feel like we are currently spinning our wheels and not moving forward, so If that means trying out the plant thing for a while, then bring on the plants!

Within the past 6 months I've been more plant powered than ever with the use of essential oils and other plant based supplements, personal care products, and other home + lifestyle products. I've found the transition to plant-based living super easy and affordable so far, but was clinging onto my careless diet (diet meaning the kind of food I put into my body on a daily basis without much thought).

My overall intent is to live longer and healthier, while practicing better stewardship of my time, money, and the earth's resources.   

After several weeks of scouring the internet for research, I've come up with a super basic plan to start myself (and my family) on a plant based diet. Insert screaming emoji face here. Now, i'm no vegan kitchen wizard and I certainly don't intend to become one. My plan for going plant-based is simple...

I want my plant-based diet (again, diet just means the food i'm eating on a daily basis, no huge calorie deprivation here) to be easy (in terms of prep), cheap, organic, non-GMO and super bassssiccccc because i'm a busy mama and a picky eater. 

I am also a self proclaimed carnivore. I love friggin' love meat. This switch could be very painful for us. We are both excited to see what kind of cash we save from this decision. Yes, eating organic etc is more expensive at first (especially if you're currently eating a lot of fake or processed foods). When Orson was born, we vowed to only bring the best meat into our home since I was breastfeeding (and still am).  Matt and I did a whole year of organic, grass-fed and free range meat for just over $160 biweekly (just the meat portion of our groceries). It was amazing, but it was also super expensive. Thankfully, we just completed our year subscription last month. My plant-based grocery list for this week has us eating for about $60. We shall see how long that lasts.

I will document this food journey on my 2 Instagram accounts @amiemariana  (my personal account) and more in detail over at @curatewellness (my wellness account). 

Wish me luck and let me know if you take the leap into plant life too! 

PS. In order to stick with this a little more sustainably, my goal is 80/20 plant based. If I can adhere to 80% plant-based nutrition in a week, I will consider it a raging success and build from there. In the above photo, I have an Omega supplement I take daily, it has done wonders for my mental clarity & focus. It does contain fish oil, so that's part of my 80/20 ratio because i'm not giving up my Omegagize anytime soon. This is also a two week trial until my groceries run out. We will see how the three of us do. 

Career Update

Career Update